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All Meriton Sport club members have a 10% discount on all treatments



Classical Massage

Your therapist will focus on your back and neck first, followed by your legs, arms, hands and feet in this full body Classical Massage. A pleasant head massage also known as scalp or Indian head massage will also be a part of each session.

Classical Aroma Massage

For this type of Classical Massage your therapist will use highly concentrated essential plant oils. Meaning that during the massage you will both inhale and absorb the essential oil molecules through your skin with the main focus being on relaxation and mindfulness.

Hot Stone Massage

Also known as Lava Stone Massage. Your therapist will hold warm stones in his/her hands and use them to provide a relaxing full body massage. The stones are made off a type of volcanic rock called basalt and are chosen because of their capability to retain heat after being warmed up in hot water.

Back & Shoulder Massage

Use this half hour session to make yourself feel more relaxed and enjoy the uplifting experience provided by our therapists. They will massage your back, shoulder, neck and head to relieve muscle tensions and potential back pain.

Thai Oil Massage

A combination of stretching, forceful pressure, rhythmic massage and rolling techniques will be applied over your entire body. This massage is ideal for anyone who is stressed, requires revitalizing and balancing or simply enjoys a treatment with firmer pressure.

Thai Back & Neck Massage

Thai Back & Neck Massage is a specialized treatment which focuses on specific areas rather than your complete body. If you work in a sitting or rather immobile position most of the day, this therapy is especially advised for you. Your therapist will use heated herbal balls to massage your neck area and you will be able to experience the heat as well as pain relief.

Thai Head Massage

It is a proper massage for those who have migraine as this type of Thai Massage focuses on relaxation for your head. It will relieve tension and stress in the tissue and muscles of your head, face and neck.

Thai Foot Massage

Works on similar principles as Reflexology covering your feet and lower legs. It involves hands on massage as well as stretching techniques opening the “Sen” energy lines along with the use of a traditional Thai Massage stick.

Facial Treatments


Serves as a convenient option for working women and men or homemakers with busy schedules and little time to spare. This service consists of a power cleanse, pressure point massage and a customized mask.

Hydrating Intensive Treatment

Your skin moisture will increase up to 34% after just one treatment and 80% of those who tried the procedure thought their skin looked younger after the first treatment. Based on your skin's demands our aesthetician will utilize the highest-quality products along with an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber to penetrate the hydration into your skin.

Vitamin-C Intensive Treatment

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which aids in the recovery of your skin from pollution and sun damage. It is also used as a supportive measure to remove acne and reduce dark spots.

Purifying Treatment for Oily Skin

Our aesthetician will use a washing gel to cleanse your face, neck and decollate, apply a scrub suitable to your skin type while simultaneously steam is delivered to your skin. Afterwards high frequency electrodes will be used to close open pores. After toning and massaging your skin the treatment will be completed by applying a mask and cream suitable to your skin type.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

Our cosmeticians will use products which are gentle, perfume-free and are matching your sensitive skin type. If you have a diagnosable skin condition like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, we will talk to you about this beforehand and pay extra attention before applying products which may be too heavy for your skin type.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Anti-Aging Treatment is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin with chemical peels and dermaplaning being among the best choices for most skin types. The Ultrasonic Facial Machine used during the treatment encourages collagen production, which aids in the prevention of premature aging.

Body Treatments

Body Relaxation Treatment

Body Relaxation Treatment will begin with a full-body scrub after which you will wash off the scrub under the shower. Once you are dried up our therapist will apply a body mask to your entire body and while waiting for the mask to penetrate you will receive an Indian head massage. Each session is completed with a Classical Aromatherapy Massage during which our therapist will help you practice deep breathing to deepen the relaxing experience for your body.

Anti-Stress Body Wrap

Your therapist will start by exfoliating your body with a sea salt scrub, which helps prepare your body to absorb minerals. Afterwards a body serum, such as rosemary, will be used to massage your body and to further stimulate your skin and blood circulation a body brush will also be applied. During the next step your body will be wrapped in a body mask suitable for your skin type and while the body mask penetrates your skin you will receive a scalp massage. Your treatment will be completed with a warm oil anti-stress massage.

Hand and/or Foot Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin has cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Cosmetically, it is often applied to the hands and feet. The wax is a natural balm that aids in the flexibility and softness of the skin. It adds moisture to the skin when applied and continues to improve the skin's moisture levels after the treatment is finished. Therapeutic wise, it acts like a form of heat therapy and can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness.

Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting

Your cosmetician will shape your eyebrows; help you choose a tint matching your skin tone and face type and will complete the treatment by tinting your eyebrows in the colour you agreed upon.

Hand and/or Foot treatments

Professional hand and foot care, after which you will leave looking beautiful and well-groomed.



Price list for massages:  
Classical Massage 50 min / 75 min  49€ / 69€
Classical Aroma Massage 50 min / 75 min 49€ / 59€
Hot Stone Massage 50 min / 75 min 59€ / 69€
Back & Shoulder Massage 30 min 35€
Thai Oil Massage  50 min /75 min 60€ /77€
Thai Back & Neck Massage 45 min 45€ 
Thai Head Massage 30 min 30€
Thai Foot Massage 30 min 42€


Price list for facial treatments:  
Mini-Facial 30 min 35€
Hydrating Intensive Treatment 55 min 65€
Vitamin-C Intensive Treatment 55 min 65€
Purifying Treatment for Oily Skin 55 min 65€
Sensitive Skin Treatment 55 min 65€
Anti-Aging Treatment 55 min 65€
Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting 30 min 25€


Price list for Body Treatments:  
Body Relaxation Treatment 75 min 69€
Anti-Stress Body Wrap 90 min 79€


Price list for hand and foot  treatments:  
Classic manicure( includes nail polish with one color)  40 min/35€
Hand and/or Foot Paraffin Therapy 30 min / 30 min 19€ / 19€
Spa deluxe manicure with moisturizing paraffin mask ( includes nail polish with one color)  60min/ 50€
Deep moisturizing hand or foot  treatment with paraffin mask( does not include a manicure or nail polishing)  30min/ 22€
Pedicure (includes nail polish with one color)  60 min/ 45€
Spa deluxe pedicure ( nail polish with one color)  80 min/60€